FI:Niks Fit Water bottles

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  • This water bottle works great and the little compartment is great for a key and an ID or credit card. The compartment comes off for easy cleaning.


  • There is no straw, so cleaning it is a cinch. It holds 24 oz. of water so only 3 of these per day gets your recommended daily intake.


  • 100% BPA-Free. Non-toxic Food grade material, Eco Friendly, safe for drinking.


  • A protective spout cover keeps out dirt and germs. Strong and durable to withstand any damage a toddler could inflict. Rubberized lid and smooth plastic mouthpiece make drinking comfortable and safe.


  • Spill-proof<< so you can fill it with just about any liquid including juices. This bottle can fit in any bag or carry for any activity.

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